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The 10th National Conference on Immunization and Health Coalitions - May 23-25, 2012
NCIHC 2012 Photo Gallery NCIHC 2012 Photo Gallery
Day One - Exploratory Session
Innovation and New Energy for Your Coalition
Fran Butterfoss and Michelle Charters, Coalitions Work, VA
Media Relations and Effective Messaging: How to have a Shot at Success
Michelle Basket, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); Glen Nowak, CDC; Tim Church, National Public Health Information Coalition (NPHIC); Ken August, NPHIC
Opening Plenary: Twenty Years and Beyond: How Far Have We Come and Where are We Going?
Welcome: Letter from Mrs. Jindal and CDC Champions; Amy Pisani, Every Child By Two (ECBT)
Mrs. Carter's Video
CDC Perspective
Steve Cochi, CDC
State Perspective
Catherine Martin, California Immunization Coalition (CIC)
Roll Call of Coalitions
Amy Pisani, ECBT
Parent Pespective
Danielle Romaguera, parent
Day One - A1: Strategic Planning
Planning for Success: Strategic Planning for Coalitions
Tiffany Tate, Maryland Partnership for Prevention
Day One - A2: Community Engagement
Community Immunity Spreading Awareness, Halting Disease
Anna C. Dragsbaek, The Immunization Partnership, Houston
Thoughts and Considerations on Community Engagement
Glen Nowak, CDC
Day One - A3: Reaching Out to Diverse Populations
Getting Media Attention for Your Issue
Andrew Resignato, San Francisco Immunization Coalitionn
Hepatitis B Disparities: Mobilizing Communities thru Collaboration & Engagement
Kim Nguyen, HMA Associates, Inc.
Developing a National Influenza Disparities Vaccination Partnership to Reach Minority Populations
J. Carlos Velázquez, HMA Associates/Within Reach: Seattle
Day One - A4: Leadership Development
Developing Transformational Coalition Leaders
Fran Butterfoss, Coalitions Work, and Karen Ayala, Dupage County
Day One - A5: Immunization Registries
Increasing Immunization Provider Partnership in the I-CARE Registry thru Provider Ed and Outreach
Annie Boesen, Illinois Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics
Immunization Compliance and Registry Use in Child Care
Karin Szymanski and Tonya Toussaint, The Arizona Partnership for Immunization (TAPI)
Partnering with Champions
Maureen M. Moore, The Immunization Partnership, Houston
Day Two - Plenary
Immunization Exemption Update
Dr. Beth Harvey, Washington State pediatrician
Local Perspective: Washington State
Ginny Heller, Within Reach, Seattle, and Michele Roberts, Washington State Department of Health
Non-Medical Exemptions to School Mandates
Diane Peterson, Immunization Action Coalition (IAC)
Day Two - B1: Autism What We Know Now and Why It's Important
Communicating with Parents About Autism and Vaccination: 10 Tips
Dr. Sharon Humiston, IAC
Genetics and Autism
Dr. Dalila Pinto, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto
Day Two - B2: Working with Volunteers
Immunization Collaboration of Tarrant County, Volunteers Extend the Reach of Local Vaccine Efforts
Anita Colbert, Immunization Collaboration of Tarrant County, Texas
TMA Be Wise — Immunize: Volunteer Network Spearheads Statewide Immunization Outreach
Tammy Wishard, Texas Medical Association
Day Two - B3: Advocacy for Immunizations
Hot Topics on the Advocacy Agenda
Debbie McCune Davis, TAPI
Advocacy Efforts -- SB 5008 -- Washington's Exemption Legislation
Ginny Heller, Within Reach, Seattle
Advancing Advocacy through Community Engagement
Anna C. Dragsbaek, The Immunization Partnership, Houston
Day Two - B4: Building a Sustainable Coalition
Building Sustainable Capacity for Community Health
Tim LaPier, Division of Community Health, CDC
Day Two - B5: Storytelling with Data
Storytelling with Data
Cole Nussbaumer, Google
Using and Interpreting Research to Strengthen Immunization Programs
Katherine LaVail and Allison Kennedy, CDC
Day Two - Working Lunch: Sharing Innovative Programs from Around the Country
Immunization Coalitions: The Landscape
Dr. Deborah Wexler, IAC
Arizona Immunization Billing Project
Jennifer Tinney, TAPI
Choose You Over the Flu
Laura Scott, Families Fighting Flu
Day Two - C1: Federal Update: Health Care Reform and Vaccines, New Vaccine Research, Future Funding
Immunizations in the Affordable Care Act: An Opportunity to Increase Access
Phyllis Arthur, Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO)
The Future of the Section 317 Program
Dr. Melinda Wharton, CDC
Day Two - C2: Successful Public Private Partnerships
Improving Childhood Immunization Rates in Maine: Joining Forces for Success
Cassandra Cote Grantham, Maine Health
Kids that Rock: A Campaign to Increase Toddler Immunization Rates
Jill Thompson and Mary Broderick, Gateway Immunization Coalition, St. Louis
Sustainable Coalitions: Three Coalitions in One Statewide Non-profit
Ginny Heller, Within Reach, Seattle, Washington
Day Two - C3: Media Relations and Successful Media Campaigns
The Foundation – Things you should know for Effective Media Engagement and Interviews
Glen Nowak, CDC
Strategies for Effective Outreach and Engagement
Christine Vara, ECBT
State, Local, Coalition, Collaboration on Outbreak Communication: Developing Effective Media Messages
Ken August, NPHIC
Parnering to Fight Pertussis
Ken August, California Department of Public Health
Day Two - C4: Working with Other Disease Organizations
Working with Government Agencies and State Health Programs
Cari Herington Rovig, Nevada Cancer Coalition
Day Two - C5: Membership Involvement
Many Voices, One Cause: Engage Membership, Maximize Resources and Increase Involvement
Camron Bridgford, Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition
The Power of a Coalition through Extraordinary Membership Involvement
Pamela J. Beal, Southern Nevada Immunization and Health Coalition
Day Two - Special Session: Social Media
“Whine" About Social Media
Dawn Crawford BC/DC Ideas
Day Two - Special Session: Coalition Directors Meeting
Coalition Directors Meeting
Amy Pisani, ECBT, and Deborah Wexler, IAC
Day Two - Special Session: Cocooning
Increasing Adult Immunization Coverage Rates Among Child Care Workers
Tonya Toussaint, Maricopa County Department of Public Health
Tdap Promotion Initiative for Daycares
Laura Viereck, Metro Omaha Immunization Task Force
Day Two - Special Session: Adult / Influenza Summits
Increasing Adult Immunization Coverage Rates
JoEllen Wolicki, CDC
Day Two - Reception
Video: The Founders of Every Child By Two (ECBT)
Day Three - D1: Working with State Health Programs
Working with State Health Programs: Improving Vaccine Reimbursement
Tom Lescault and Sharon Osteros, Transact Rx
Partnering to Immunize Our Children
Debbie McCune Davis, TAPI
Day Three - D2: Coalition Fundraising Online Fundraising
Intersection of Social Media and Fundraising
Dawn Crawford, BC/DC Ideas
Successful Public-Private Partnerships Resulting in Coalition Funding Opportunities
Pamela J. Beal, Southern Nevada Immunization and Health Coalition
Day Three - D3: Development of Promotional Materials
Working with a Public Relations Professional to Achieve Coalition Goals
Amy Wishner, Montgomery County Immunization Coalition, PA
Vaccine Promotion Through TMA Be Wise — Immunize
Tammy Wishard, Texas Medical Association
Understanding Your Web Audiences’ Needs: Using Formative Research to Develop Vaccine Websites for Parents and Providers
Leslie Rodriguez, Health Communication Science Office, CDC
Day Three - D4: Successful Campaigns Around Vaccine Safety
You Good? Communicating the Safety and Importance of Vaccination to Parents
Meredith Kersten, Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition
School Nurses and Local Health Unit Collaboration: A Paradigm to Decrease Vaccine Resistance Among Parents and Care Givers
Mary Koslap-Petraco, Suffolk County Department of Health Services, NY
Vaccine Safety Social Marketing: Leveraging Resources and Partnerships to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck
Alison Alexander, Oregon Immunization Program /Oregon Partnership to Immunize Children
Communicating about Infant Immunizations: Translating Research into Educational Materials and Promotional Tools
Michelle Basket, CDC
Day Three - D5: Working with Health Care Providers
Building Successful Partnerships Between Obstetrician-Gynecologists and State Health Immunization Programs
Anna Dean and Dr. Ellen Hutchins, American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists
Promoting Vaccination Across the Lifespan
Barbara Day, AIM Coalition
Engaging Health Care Professionals through Continuing Medical Education (CME) Conferences
Jennifer Tinney, TAPI
Day Three - Closing Plenary
"The Panic Virus, a True Story of Medicine, Science, and Fear”
Seth Mnookin, author and journalist
Closing Remarks
Gina Deris, Shots for Tots
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