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This website provides access to a database of local, state, regional, national, and international immunization coalitions. An immunization coalition is an organization that brings together groups and individuals, combining their resources and talents in projects that increase immunization rates.

Examples of groups that often come together to form a coalition include health departments, hospitals, insurers, health maintenance organizations, private practices, nonprofit organizations, vaccine company representatives, and individuals.

The database allows interested health professionals, parents, immunization advocates, and others to contact immunization coalitions for resources, ideas, or volunteering.

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The Immunization Action Coalition, a non-profit organization, works to increase immunization rates and prevent disease. The Hepatitis B Coalition, a program of IAC, promotes hepatitis B vaccination for all children 0-18 years; HBsAg screening for all pregnant women; testing and vaccination for high-risk groups; and education and treatment for treatment for people chronically infected with hepatitis B.

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